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2016 Men's Tuesday League

Begins Tuesday, April 18, 2017 at 5:00pm

Teams: Comprsied of 2-3 Aberdeen Kilt Club or Annual Members. Only two players will be eligible to compete per night.

Match 1 - Team 1, Player A Vs. Team 2, Player A
Match 2 - Team 1, Player B Vs. Team 2, Player B
Match 3 - Team 1 Total Vs. Team 2 Total

Fees: Annual Members: $135
Kilt Club Members: $165

Scoring: Scoring is on a hole by hole basis

  • 1 Point - Lowest Net Score on each hole
  • 1/2 Point - Net Scores tie on a hole
  • 0 Points - Highest Net Score on the hole
  • 2 Points - Overall winner of the individual and team matches
  • (Each match has a potential of 11 points and 33 points for all 3 matches)

New Player: Players will receive 75% of their handicap based off their first round. This will continue for 3 consective weeks and will begin to adjust on a weekly basis at 100%.

Missing Player/Team: When a player or team is absent, a "Ghost" substitute will be used. The Ghost has a handicap of 0 and scores a 39 with bogies on the 3 lowest handicap holes. The Ghost player or team cannot win individual or team matches.

To register your team for the 2017 Men's League, please call the golf shop or follow the links below!

Annual Member Sign Up
Kilt Club Sign Up